India is the one of the leading producer of the soybean follow by USA, Brazil, China and Argentina. In India, soybean ranks third in oilseeds after groundnut and rapeseed/mustard. Soybean is considered to be a most economical and valuable agricultural commodity as, it has good adaptability towards a wide range of soil and climate. On an average dry matter basis, Soybean contains about 40% protein and 20% oil. Soybean is very nutritious - the protein and oil components in soybean are not only in high quantity but also in high quality. Soya oil contains high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, so it is healthy oil.

In India Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) is the leading state in producing soybean followed by Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. On average, Madhya Pradesh produces 74 percent of India's total soybean crop; Maharashtra, 13 percent; and Rajasthan, 10 percent.

KOMAL AMIN EXPORTS PVT LTD has been very active in the export of Soybean & Soybean Meal from India. We have presence in the Soybean belt in M.P., Rajasthan and Maharashtra. KOMAL AMIN EXPORTS PVT LTD has its sourcing from Soybean Processors in M.P., Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. Komal Amin Exports Pvt ltd is exporting to various destinations in Middle East and Far East. KOMAL AMIN EXPORTS PVT LTD’s dealing with major buyers include multi-national trading companies, feed traders and end users.
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Specifications of Soybean

Specifications of Indian Soyabean Meal

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  1. Quality control:

For the quality control there are two stages 1. During Purchase time 2. Before shipment.
1. During purchase : We are having  expert team, they are having more than 15 years in the same filed , they do the purchase of the soybean and soybean meal , We are dealing with only well reputed manufacturing unit to purchase the soybean meal.
2. Before shipment: Once cargo reach to the port we appointed the inspection agency to check the quality and quantity, According to their result we select, which cargo is going for the export. As well as we generally send the testing report to the buyer also. For the inspection, we appoint internationally reputed company like SGS, Geo Chem.

Product Specifications    
Specifications of Soybean
Parameters   Specifications
Protein (N X 6.25)




Crude Fiber

Sand & Silica

Urease Activity \Min at 30°C


Microbial Analysis

Total Plate Count / g

Coliforms / g

E. Coli. /g

Yeast & Moulds /g

Salmonella / 25 g
50% Min


1.20% Max


2.50 4.00% Max


0.05 -0.20 Mgn/g

20-35% Min


10 Max


100 Max

Specifications of Indian Soyabean Meal
Parameters   Specifications


Oil Content 

Sand & Silica


Urease Activity-At 30oC
46% Min.

12% Max.

1.25% Max.

2.5% Max.

6% Max.

0.3mg/g Max.